U.P. Fight!


"Ang Pinakamagandang Bahay sa Balat ng Lupa" - that’s the contest winner #updiliman #area1 #architecture

UP students to represent PH in race across Europe


Snow in Elbi #uplb #snow #elbi #ifyouknowwhatimean (at Freedom Park)


Pogi. New CEM.

Beasts of the Southeast


Hi! I’m Dave, 1/3 of the Beasts of the Southeast. We’ll be representing the Philippines in this event called the Red Bull Can You Make It challenge, which is a race around Europe by 100 teams from all across the globe. Hope you guys can help spread the word! You can support us by liking our page! :D

Thank you so much! :D

Via Tahanan ng mga taga PEYUPS

Bilang na lang ang araw.

Sa bawat segundong lumilipas, ang tanging pagkakataon ay lumilikas.

Isang kwento ng #MaginhawaStories mula sa Broad Ass Productions.



at dahil namiss ko ang #sumablay :3

Sablay season na naman! :) 

Bilang na lang ang araw.Tunghayan ang kabanata na nagsimula at matatapos sa 55.

Abangan ang isa pang kwento ng Maginhawa St.ories mula sa Broad Ass Productions. #MaginhawaStories



For the respondents, romantic love is not easily found, but it is attainable. Romantic love is fun, perhaps because of its characteristic privacy, but it demands maturity and reciprocity to satisfy the feelings of those involved. Romantic love, however, is identified more as a conscious commitment than a fleeting feeling. Because of these, it seems to be both fair and unfair. The struggle of the selfish to become selfless is perhaps why romantic love is always suspended between temporary and forever.

Using a 7-point semantic differential scale with 15 pairs of opposite descriptive words, the 312 respondents were asked on their perception and attitudes on what better describes romantic love. The yielded mean scores were generally in the middle, in between the scores of positive and negative descriptive words. Respondents view romantic love as neither unfair nor fair (4.21), neither temporary nor forever (4.17), neither private nor public (3.76), neither choosy nor not choosy (3.7), and neither rare nor common (3.68). On the other hand, the yielded high mean scores were descriptions about romantic love as attainable (6.15), fun (5.96) and mature (5.59)

This middle perception parallel’s the literature that there is no single, all-encompassing description of romantic love and that concepts are based upon what people consider to be its archetype (Krass, 2007). This means that respondents’ perception of romantic love is based from their beliefs and behavior (Krass, 2007).And their beliefs and behaviors can be different from one another. But respondents do share commonality in some aspects of romantic love. As what the results have shown, anyone can attain romantic love, it is fun and mature. It is recommended that probing of romantic love descriptions should be undertaken for better understanding as to how and why respondents perceive that way.

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